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Windsor Distributing is full service vegetable Shipper/Broker specializing in the following products:

Asparagus, Small Cukes, Super Select Peppers, Extra Lg.
Asparagus, Standard Cukes, Small
Peppers, Large
Asparagus, Large Cukes, Selects
Peppers, Medium
Asparagus, Jumbo Cukes, Large
Peppers, Choice
Beans, Pole Cukes, 24ct.
Peppers, Suntan
Beans, KY Cukes, 36ct. Peppers, Mixed Red
Beans, Wax
Cukes, European
Peppers, Red
Beans, Green MP/HP
Cukes, Kirbys 2/300ct. Peppers, Yellow
Broccoli 14's Eggplant, Fancy Peppers, Cubanelles
Broccoli 18's Eggplant, Choice Peppers, Hungarian Wax
Broccoli Crowns, Asian Eggplant, Large Peppers, Long Hots
Broccoli Crowns Eggplant, Italian Peppers, Jalapeños
Broccoli, Iceless Green Onions Potatoes, Red 'A'
Cabbage, Ctn. Lettuce, Boston Potatoes, Red 'B'
Cabbage, Red Lettuce, Cello 24's Potatoes, White 'A'
Cabbage, Savoy Lettuce, Liner 24's Potatoes, White 'B'
Carrots, 1, 2 & 5# Lettuce, Naked 24's Radishes, Red 6 oz/1#
Carrots, 50# Jumbo Lettuce, Endive Univ/24's Radishes, Red 40# Bulk
Cauliflower 9's Lettuce, Escarole Univ/24's Squash, Acorn
Cauliflower 12's Lettuce, Green Leaf Squash, Buttercup
Cauliflower 16's Lettuce, Red Leaf Squash, Butternut
Celery 18's Lettuce, Romaine 24's Squash, Spaghetti
Celery 24's Lettuce, Romaine Hearts Squash, Green Small
Celery 30's Melons, Honeydews, 5ct. Squash, Green Medium
Celery 36's Melons, Honeydews, 6ct. Squash, Yellow Small
Celery 48's Melons, Honeydews, 8ct. Squash, Yellow Medium
Celery, Sleeved 24's Melons, Lopes, 9ct. Squash, Yellow C/N #1
Celery, Sleeved 30's Melons, Lopes, 12ct. Squash, Yellow C/N #2
Celery, Sleeved 36's Melons, Lopes, 15ct. Strawberries 8/1 #
Celery, 18ct. Hearts Melons, Lopes, 18ct. Strawberries 4/2 #
Cherries, Bags Melons, Lopes, 23ct. Tomatoes, Vine Ripes
Cherries, Bulk Okra Tomatoes, Cherry
Cilantro, 30's Parsley, Curley Tomatoes, Grape
Cilantro, 60's Parsley, Plain Tomatoes, Roma
Corn, Bicolor Peppers, Display Ready Tomatoes, Rounds
Corn, Yellow Peppers, Place Packed Watermelons, Binned
Corn, White Peppers, Jumbo Watermelons, Carton

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